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What is a Silent Customer?

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The name of our company is taken from the term ‘the silent customer syndrome’.

A silent customer is someone who has a disappointing experience within a service led business, does not make the manager aware at the time but vocalises their grievance to others.

The average silent customer will tell 8 to 16 people about their poor experience, about 10% will tell more than 20 people but with social media and Trip Advisor this circle of influence is now a lot wider.

Our aim is to give silent customers a voice and help pubs and restaurants reduce the cost of the lost. The average cost of a lost customer for a pub is over £24,000! Click here for the maths

Our Silent Customers covertly visit restaurants and pubs to experience the service, the food and other specific areas of the business. They then complete a detailed online questionnaire. In return for their feedback, they have the cost of their drinks or/and meal partly or fully reimbursed. Our Silent Customers have a passion for great service, an eye for detail, enjoy writing and are able to demonstrate empathy and objectiveness.

Silent Customers are required to complete an online profile detailing their relevant knowledge or experience and are approved only on submission of an appropriate writing sample..find out how