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Terms & Conditions of a Silent Customer

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Before you register as a Silent Customer, it is important that you read the NEED to KNOW stuff below. Reviewing restaurants is not as easy as some people think and we don't want to disappoint you by failing to set realistic expectations. If you want to ask other Silent Customers about us, you can join our Facebook forum.

You will need:

Access to a PC and internet as all our surveys are completed via our on-line software.

A smart-phone so that you can take a pictures of the bill, your food and of any other visual requests to upload them to the survey.

A UK bank account so that we can reimburse the cost of the meal. The agreed maximum allowance per venue will be transferred electronically into your bank account by the 30th of each month, though we do aim to pay weekly or fortnightly. You will need to add these details into your profile so that we can  pay you but you do not need to do this until after your first visit.

To complete our online registration form - This is detailed because our software uses the data to search for visits that are within your specified miles radius from your postcode. We use the data to make sure we don't send the same Silent Customers to the same location too often and to make sure we send the right person to the right kind of place.       

To be contactable on email after you submit your review, in case we need to ask you questions about your report.

You need to know:

After you have registered as a Silent Customer you will need to login to your account, check the list of venues available under *OPEN OPPORTUNITIES* and request the visits you can do ahead of the scheduled date. If your request is accepted and you are 'assigned' you will be expected to read all the relevant information, complete the visit/s on the date/s as agreed and as per the briefs requirements. Failure to attend and/or send your report in on time or follow the brief to the letter may result in the loss of reimbursement to you and loss of the fee to us. Do not assume that you do not need to read all of the associated information as reviewing fairly, objectively and accurately is not as easy as most people think! 

The days of the week and times of visit will vary depending on the nature of the brief and the client.

Some visits will have a higher redemption value than others, typically between £15 and £60, and this is determined by our clients. Some visits have up to £200 redemption value and only our loyal and highest rated Silent Customers get chosen for these assignments. If you are prepared to complete the lower paid assignments for us you are more likely to be chosen for the higher paid visits. All our Silent Customers are *graded* for accuracy, literacy skills and content after each visit, so the more effort you put in the higher your rating will be. 

There is not usually an additional fee or payment for completing a food survey. Most drink only visits, however, do often include a small fee. Most non-food visits do incur a fee such as opticians visits.

We expect a good to excellent level of comprehension and English literacy skills as these reports take at least an hour to complete! Allocation of future visits will depend on your skills in this area.    

The number of visits you can do will depend on the availability in your area or how far you are willing to travel.

We will not send you to the same venue twice within any three month period.

You will be expected to read all the information sent to you in order that you can complete the brief as requested and you must inwardly digest the survey questions before you visit the venue.

You must not take a copy of the survey with you into the venue or write notes whilst you are there. You may take prompts on your smart-phone.

If you accept a visit and then are unable to attend you must contact us as soon as possible in order that we can reschedule or organise another Silent Customer. You cannot book or reschedule a visit yourself. 

You will not be reimbursed if:

You go on the wrong day or time.

You are indiscreet about the covert nature of your visit or make yourself known to staff.

You share your experience with a competitor client or on a public domain.  

Your survey is inaccurate, incomplete, missing photos, poorly written or does not fulfil the brief.

Your survey is deemed to be disparaging, offensive, sarcastic, supercilious, hurtful or rude in anyway.

You fail to upload a copy of the bill or the survey within the deadline, 24 hours following your visit.

We are unable to contact you the next working day after your visit.

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