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Tips for Silent Customers

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How we grade your reviews  

We favour Silent Customers whose reports need the fewest edits, because that helps us give the best service to our clients and return approved reports to them quickly.

You can view your average grading on your home page. After we’ve reviewed your report, we’ll send you an email with the grading for that report and some brief written feedback. We can’t give you details of every single edit we make – it would take too long – but we try to highlight specific ways to improve your next report as well as things you did well.

The grading system helps us choose the most proficient Silent Customers for future visits. If our editors mark you down it's not because they are mean or harsh: it just reflects the amount of time and effort they’ve spent on corrections and changes.

Each of the 10 grading categories are marked 3 - 0 (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor). An average score of 80% is classed as good although we love to get accurate and comprehensive reports so we can give you full marks!

Here's what we grade on:

Fulfilling the brief: This is how accurately you read and follow instructions: read more 

Spelling and grammar: Including punctuation and capitalisations: read more

Qualifying observations: supporting your YES or NO answers with evidence in the comments: read more

Reasonable suggestions: Answering as a genuine customer and in context of the style of venue: read more

Kind and motivational: We encourage positive change through motivation so all our feedback must be constructive and non-judgmental: read more

Relevant narrative: The amount of relevant commentary you write: read more

Sophisticated language: Writing that’s fluent, interesting and clear: read more

Accurate dates, payments and photos: Check the formats and amounts: read more

Answers correlate with comments: Consistent answers throughout: read more

Timely submission of survey (24 hours):  Let us know in good time if there’s a problem: read more




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