Mystery Dining & Guest Feedback

Mystery Dining

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Through mystery dining, we specialise in supporting small to medium multi-operators in revenue growth and expansion. A new opening may benefit from measuring the success of different menus, procedures and service systems whereas a chain undergoing expansion may wish to measure brand consistency and quality control.



Silent Customers covertly visit a venue and answer over 100 questions on every detail from service standards, cleanliness, ambience and food quality to social media participation and sales opportunities.  Our questionnaires are industry specific and bespoke to each individual business. We do not believe that just ticking boxes is enough. Silent Customers are expected to explain any negative answers and contribute any emotive perceptions, good and bad, through narrative feedback. Our aim is to word feedback as suggestions for improvements rather than just pointing out what is wrong. This way we hope to influence change through encouragement rather than through direct criticism. 


We expect our clients to achieve a minimum average of 85% after the first few months of regular visits. We work with our clients to achieve an average of 90% within the first 6 months. 90% is the minimum score for which you can be confident that your customers are recommending your business. We don't blind our clients with complex graphs and maths as we believe that the greatest value is in using the reports as cost effective, focused and powerful coaching tools.   


All our Silent Customers have a passion for quality food and efficient but engaging service and are chosen for their objectiveness and eye for detail. Silent Customers have empathy with the challenges faced by food service and on-licence businesses.

How much?

Although we recommend that our Silent Customers visit regularly to collate a clear overview of the business we do not insist upon a minimum period or number of visits. We do not charge set up fees and you can cancel the service at any time. Our fees and reimbursements are based on the lengthy narrative feedback we deliver. We do not see the value in short surveys that are just about box ticking. Our fees are between £40 and £65 per visit depending on how many sites and visits you have per month.    

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