Mystery Dining & Guest Feedback

Before you Register as a Silent Customer

01491 572 701 or let us call you

As a Silent Customer AKA a mystery shopper you will be asked to covertly visit restaurants and pubs to experience the service, the food and other specific areas of the business. You will then be asked to complete a detailed on-line questionnaire.

In return for your observations and empathic, objective feedback, you will have the cost of your meal partly or fully reimbursed. With some retail or drink only visits there is also a fee. 

Sounds great!? Well it is, especially if your hobby is going to pubs or eating out anyway. 

Being a Silent Customer is a great job if you have good observation and written English skills and a constructive attitude. If they’re your natural strengths, it won’t take you too long to write a good quality report and it will feel like a fair and reasonable amount of work to put in for a free meal or drink.

Before you sign up, ask yourself honestly: do I write very fluent, accurate and clear English? Am I a positive, objective person? Am I well organised and good at following instructions thoroughly? Am I known for being punctual, sticking to dates and times? If these are things your friends, colleagues and family would say about you, being a Silent Customer could be your perfect pastime. 

Still interested? Then please read our: T&C's / Need to Know Stuff  before you Register.  



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